Sunday, February 27, 2011


Family especially parents have to play the main rule in decreasing the baby dumping problem. It is because they are the most close to their child. They have to pay more attention to their teenagers child because, in this ages they will face many things. The most important thing is give them a good religious education, that’s the key for a good life.
Some people ashamed to discuss on sex education and do not agree with creating sex education in school. For them it is unsuitable matter discussed in learning. But nowadays it is a very important thing, the students are not taught how to do sex but they will disclose on the reproductive system and the biology of human being. Not only in school, parents also have to tell their children about sex education. This is parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s moving and activities, so that they can ensure what the good and not. But they have to remember not to shackle their children. By this method they will permanently open to share on daily activities and their social intercourse.
Love and parent’s concern very important, children feels appreciated and are not going to engage with social problems.  It just like a chain, social problem, free association and followed by baby dumping. These problem need to be overcome immediate. Parents has to spend time with childrens and share their problem, parent needs to give guidance not throw them away from family. This case could avoid become worse.

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