Sunday, March 6, 2011

Criminalise baby dumping as an act of murder
“The Cabinet has decided that the Home Ministry through the police, investigate these cases as murder when a baby dies.”
Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, on her ministry’s proposal to the cabinet. She said the cabinet agreed that drastic steps had to be taken to stop baby dumping.
Police will be asked to investigate, under Section 302 of the Penal Code, abandoned babies which have died. Under Section 302, the punishment for murder is death. Currently, baby dumping is investigated under other sections or under the Child Act for abandonment, concealment of birth by secret disposal of body, and infanticide, which stipulate jail terms and fines upon conviction.
Reactions to the cabinet decision have been negative, with some saying that capital punishment would not be a deterrent, and that sex education, counselling and support would be more effective. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said not all cases would be classified as murder, depending on police investigations. (Source: Murder charge for baby dumpers, The Star, 13 Aug 2010)
“Although it would take a long time and a lot of money to set up, a DNA bank remains the best solution to the baby-dumping menace.”
Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, suggesting the usefulness of a DNA database to trace the parents of abandoned babies. He said many baby-dumping cases and other crimes remained unresolved because of a lack of information. (Source: CPO: DNA bank the answer to baby dumping, The Star, 22 Aug 2010)
Why not stop the stigma — provide baby care, sex education and safe haven laws — instead?

“Criminalising abandonment encourages someone, already in a terrible situation, to make a worse decision to hide a baby.
“The classical fiqh does not try to legislate against promiscuity post facto, knowing that any such activity would harm the baby. In order to save the baby’s life, there can be no criminalisation of abandonment.
“There must be a safe and anonymous way a parent can hand over a baby to the care of someone else.”
International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia principal research fellow Dr Eric Winkel, on the classical position in Islamic jurisprudence or fiqh, which emphasises saving a baby’s life. Winkel argued that a child was at greater risk if baby dumping was criminalised.
He added that the desire to punish promiscuity must be a separate matter from ensuring the baby’s safety. His article also highlighted a few “baby hatch” programmes which have saved thousands of lives in various countries, including conservative societies. Youths should also be taught to “develop their own filters” to make good decisions and navigate the modern world with all its sexually charged messages, Winkel said. (Source: Focus on saving the life of the foundling, New Straits Times, 18 Aug 2010)
“Government can consider enacting a law to allow a parent to confidentially surrender a baby to any hospital emergency room or any designated place. The parent should also not be arrested or prosecuted.”
Wanita Gerakan deputy chief Ng Siew Lai, urging the cabinet to consider ways to help unmarried mothers instead of punishing them. Ng noted that the US had such laws in response to the problem of unwanted pregnancies.
She also said the women’s wing disagreed with the cabinet’s decision that baby-dumping cases be investigated as murder. Instead, counselling, rehabilitation, and sex education were better solutions. (Source: Baby Dumping: Help and Not Punish the Mothers, Wanita Gerakan press statement, 19 Aug 2010)
Stop couples from riding the same vehicle together
“… we want to prevent [incidences]. It’s better [to prevent such incidences] before such things as baby dumping occur.”
“… it’s not that they are not allowed completely to be on motorcycles together. If there are things to attend to, then there’s nothing wrong.”
“If it’s just for dinner, then there’s no problem. But if dinner’s over and they’re still together alone in a car, then that is not right.”
Mazlan Mohamad, director of the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Teachers’ Training Institute in Kuantan, Pahang, on a circular that prohibits trainee teachers of the opposite sex from riding together on motorbikes or in cars on or outside campus. He did not consider the measure extreme as students had not complained.
He also said teacher trainees frequently left the campus in pairs, and that this might affect the sensitivities of residents in the surrounding community who had a different level of “tolerance” for such things.
Trainees caught would not be punished, however, but given counseling, Mazlan added. (Source: College bars couples from riding motorbikes, cars, Malaysiakini, 17 Aug 2010)
Stop New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day celebrations
“Kita lihat banyak kes kelahiran berlaku pada bulan Ogos dan September, ini menunjukkan hubungan tersebut dilakukan pada sambutan Tahun Baru sebab itu kita lihat banyak kes pembuangan bayi berlaku dalam dua bulan ini.
“Dalam Islam sambutan Hari Kekasih tidak digalakkan tapi kalau nak buat kenduri itu tidak mengapa tetapi tidak hubungan terlarang.
“Jadi ini yang menjadi masalah apabila media seolah-olah menggalakkan sambutan Hari Kekasih dalam akhbar-akhbar tempatan.”
PAS Youth deputy chief Azman Shapawi, on New Year’s and Valentine’s Day celebrations as possible causes of baby dumping because these events allowed free mixing between the sexes. He said the topic would be discussed at a roundtable on solutions to illicit sex, rape and abandoned babies, which PAS Youth was organising on 22 Aug 2010. (Source: PAS dakwa sambutan Hari Kekasih, Tahun Baru antara punca buang bayi, The Malaysian Insider, 18 Aug 2010).

Putting A Stop To Baby Dumping

Stop pornography
“Youth today can easily have access to such material online, even through their mobile phones.”
Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin, on the link between pornography and baby dumping. He said widespread access to porn and weakened family ties have caused an increase in cases since 2005, which numbered 472 as of August 2010. He said more than half the babies in these cases were found dead.
Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah disagreed with Bakri, saying there was no proven correlation. Rather, the problem was more that women were unable to get their male partners to use contraceptives. (Source: Porn a major reason behind baby dumping, say cops, The Star, 17 Aug 2010)

CPO: DNA bank the answer to baby dumping

PETALING JAYA: The setting up of a DNA bank will help deter baby dumping and greatly improve investigations in other criminal cases.
Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said police could still trace the parents by using DNA in the event a baby or stillborn was found.
“Although it would take a long time and a lot of money to set up, a DNA bank remains the best solution to the baby dumping menace,” he said after launching the Balik Kampung, Rumah Selamat campaign at the Puchong IOI Mall yesterday.
It was reported that during the first eight months of this year, there were 65 baby dumping cases reported nationwide compared to 2009 where there were a total of 79 cases.
DCP Khalid said many baby dumping and criminal cases have remained unsolved due to lack of information and expressed the need for public cooperation to help police solve the cases.

Baby Dumping in Malaysia : Islam as a Solution

Nowadays, babies dumping happening almost every day. According to Community, Family and Women Ministry baby dumping cases had already achieved to thousands per a year. Suddenly this problem has become as a big issue in Malaysia. Why this problem could happen? What had happened to our youths?

We can point our finger to anyone we want but this time we have to examine this social problem obviously. In my opinion, I think the lives of teenagers are too free without parent’s control. You can look what among of student did in campus or college. Some of them make a date try to do something as couple. Sometimes they make something further. Perhaps that “something” I shall call it as sumbang mahram. Every boy and girl has to know their limitation of relationship. Of course you can be friend with anyone but do not go too far when you be friend with the different gender. Islam teaches us about the relationship in Islam. Now, the girl must not wear the sexy clothes not because of order of people but this is order of Allah. We must follow Allah’s command and what had been written in Koran. Sexy girl dressing is one of cause why the banned relation could happen. It cans rise up the boys ‘desire and passions. That is why social problem could happen.

I think that the parents should take seriously role to prevent their son and daughter from social problem. Baby dumping could avoid if their children have awareness about the dangerous of baby dumping. It could ruin their future and kill in sinned baby.

The government should take role to overcome this problem. The government should introduce true Islam to the people especially to the Muslim youth about halal haram, paradise hell and dosa pahala. Islam scholars or known as ulama must take this responsibility to explain to the community about Islam and its rules.

The parents are also must control and minimize their children’s activities outdoor. They must know their children go out with who and where they go. The responsibility parent will avoid their children from unhealthy activity.

We could solve this social problem if we emphasis religious teaching on our children, control them carefully and always take care of them. I hope baby dumping in Islamic State like Malaysia will not happen anymore.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

NGO : Kem Modal Insan KEWAJA

Teenage pregnancies are on the rise and many mums-to-be are estranged from their families. However there are shelters willing to provide a family environment
in which to bring a child into the world.
Pregnancy is a scary experience for any unwed mother, but more so for a teenager. in dealing with feelings of fear, anger, disappointment and confusion, many pregnant teenagers resort to the easiest and fastest way out of their predicament — abortion. Unaware that there are other options, young girls choose to handle the problem on their own, under frighteningly dangerous conditions, sometimes in the back room of clinics.
Are they evil? Are they killers? No, they are just frightened teenagers looking for a way out of a scary predicament. What they don’t know is that there are many shelters willing to help them get through this experience, give them a second chance at life and give their babies the right to live.
For instance, in a small housing area in Gombak, a married couple is housing pregnant teenagers who have nowhere else to turn. The couple clothes and feed them, and, more importantly, they provide the emotional support needed to get single girls through pregnancy. There were 60 pregnant teenagers living in the houses called Kem Asas Pembangunan Integriti Wanita Dan Modal Insan (KEWAJA). Most were students between the age of 16 and 23. “Many of the teenage girls who come to us are at the lowest point of their lives. They don’t know where to turn to and whom to talk to. “In the past six months alone, we have taken in 164 pregnant women. Some as young as 14, others as old as 40.
“Most walk into our centre on their own but some are brought here by their boyfriends or parents,” said KEWAJA director Yahya Yusof. “When we started in 1996, we had 101 girls. But every year since then this number has increased. It is not a disease and it is not an epidemic. Teenage pregnancy is a social disaster.
“Some of the girls come to us because their parents are too embarrassed to keep them at home. This is a hiding place so the parents are not shamed. But, some girls are here because they come from broken family and can’t afford to pay the medical bills.” for whatever the reason the girls end up in KEWAJA, they are cared for and their babies are brought safely into the world. “We encourage the families to keep the baby after delivery, but if they want to give the baby up for adoption, then we try to find suitable families.
He said many teenage girls were easily coaxed into having premarital sex because they were naive. “Society should not only blame the girls. Most of them are in this situation because they were told they had to prove their love to their boyfriends. They were cheated. None of these girls wanted to be in this situation.” According to Pak Yahya, KEWAJA was a place teenage girls could go to instead of sitting alone in a room, waiting to go into labour. “When a teenager gets pregnant, she starts thinking of the worst-case scenario. she starts wondering ’who wants me?’, ’how do i keep this a secret?’.”
Some girls tried all sorts of ways to abort the babies themselves. “They take over-the-counter medications not meant for pregnant women in hopes of aborting the baby. But these ways backfire as the babies are born deformed and disfigured.” he said it was important that these young girls were with people who knew how to handle their situation from an objective and mature point of view. KEWAJA with role to ensure adolescent girl and woman which involved in assignable guidance and life guidance that they practise good values in their life, have personal strength, mind and faith to survive and can monitor activity during and their direction of life inside societal community.
The thing that more important is KEWAJA can save them from act that risky such as abotion and perhaps also dump or leave the child after born. Thus this responsibility and KEWAJA role to ensure mother’s  child condition are safe. 

SOLUTION; Government

Petaling Jaya, March 28:

Four basic methods under the rules of Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001, are about child advocacy, prevention, support and research will be use to address wastingby reported more widespread in recent years. Minister Of Women, Families and Comunities said the ministry with all the agencies involved will have discussions to implement the strategy in the issue. According the issue, advocacy (to focus on sources of abandonment and abuse against children) need to overcome the neglect, abuse and the removal of children because these actions are not the culture of the people of this country. Methods of prevention of addressing the problem scientifically conducted with the assistance of the police, while advisory services and research will be conducted with the help of experts to find out more details on how it happened. it is hoped that the four main methods that will be emphasized this can be done with all the concerned agencies and individuals. 
sources by 
Muzdalifah Mustapha. Utusan. 29 March 2010

Kuala Lumpur, August 12:

The Cabinet today ordered the police to investigate cases of bandoned babies in teh case of attempted murder, or as if with the intent that murder be sentenced to hang. Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said, enforcement investigations under Seksyen 302 Kanun Keseksaan was approved by Cabinet yesterday. According to her, the enforcement in accordance with section proves the government is serious symptoms stem from the widespread removal of the baby. The Ministry will also adopt the conversation of the word "throw the baby" to "killing babies" because the baby was not born to be killed arbitrarily.
sources by Bernama. Utusan. 13 August 2010.